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Addiction Recovery Program

  With a Quality Addiction Recovery Program, You Can Get Help With Addictions and the Addictions Recovery Support You Need to Stay Sober

At CSSL Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Services, our recovery program is focused on providing you with the support you need to fully recover from substance abuse and addiction. As an addiction recovery program, our facility works hard to provide you with all the support you need to get the best help with addictions. Addictions recovery support can, and does, make a difference.


At CSSL, our recovery program offers long-term aftercare support, which may be something that you’re highly interested in if you’ve struggled with staying sober in the past. Long-term aftercare gives you access to a support system that can help you continue living a sober lifestyle.


Our program is a holistic approach to aftercare. We have you work with our certified peer recovery support specialists to receive coaching, case management, and other support. We offer monitoring services as well as support with family engagement and accountability. Our CSSL coach is there to help you through what many people believe is a difficult first year of sobriety. Our coaches know how to recognize relapse behaviors and will identify when those behaviors may be starting to appear. That way, they have the opportunity to help and intervene prior to a relapse that could put you back onto the path of addiction.


Our program has several sections. Stage 1 is called the introduction phase, which begins when you are discharged from our treatment center. The second phase is called transition, because it’s when you begin living in a sober living facility or start living a sober lifestyle on your own. During this time, we focus on giving you access to a specific recovery network and help with support system integration issues.


Stabilization comes next, where we monitor you and how you are doing with living the sober lifestyle. We focus on monitoring emotional, behavioral, social and financial aspects of your life as well as others. This comes before the last phase, acclimation, where we will review your personalized development plan and set measurable goals for the future.


At CSSL, we provide intervention, treatment placement and detox coordination services. We can work with you or a loved one who is struggling with addiction and help them break the cycle. We work with coaching in one-on-one sessions, group counseling, vocational training and more. We believe in the strength of medication-assisted treatments and can combine this with behavior therapy and other therapies for substance use and abuse disorders.


At CSSL, we want you to know that we are there for you every step of this journey. You can reach us today by calling us at 844-548-7627 or by emailing us at Addiction doesn’t need to continue to have a hold on your life. We know that you deserve better and are here to help.

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