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Addiction Recovery Services

  Get Help with Addiction Recovery Services, Drug Addiction Treatment and Rehab in Ohio

If you are looking for a facility to provide you with drug addiction treatment, rehab, or addiction recovery services, and you have come to the right place at CSSL. We offer a number of services that are designed to support people who are in early recovery. We believe that recovering from drug or alcohol addiction requires more than abstinence. That's why we offer a variety of recovery services including a recovery program, recovery services and recovery support. We focus on case management, financial literacy, vocational training, recovery, peer-to-peer support, and clinical support. Our goal is to help you socially and emotionally reintegrate into your normal life and society.


At CSSL, we do offer recovery homes that accommodate individuals who want to embrace a healthy lifestyle and commit to the recovery process. Our homes are large and situated in quiet neighborhoods where our clients can relax and feel part of a community. We have co-ed, male and female sober living home environments that you can choose from in the Dayton and Montgomery County area.


All of our homes feature free on-site laundry facilities and detergent, making it one step easier to focus on recovery.


Our facility has the philosophy that information, structure and a supportive network put recovery within reach. We believe that our program has a unique design that helps all of our clients during recovery.


To come to stay with us at our facility, you will need to fill out an application and go through the application process. We will have you apply, fill in a consent form, learn about HIPPA and how it applies to you and obtain an information release. Once you fill out the appropriate documents, please scan them and email them to us at We can also accept your application online through our website’s upload feature.


At CSSL, we are here to help provide the right kind of recovery support as well as supportive housing after you’ve been through residential treatment or incarceration. We would like to hear more about you and your story, so we can understand the methods that we should use to help you overcome this challenge in your life. With programs such as our CSSL recovery program, which is a 12-month, long-term program, we know that we can help you get back on track in your life. We are here to help and hope that you will make the most of the services that we provide. We’re here to help you with your transition every step of the way, so you have the highest chances of success.

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