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Addiction Treatment Center

Looking for an Addiction Treatment Center for Drug Addiction Recovery? Call CSSL Mental Health & Addiction  Treatment Services to Keep You Sober

At CSSL Mental Health & Addiction  Treatment Services, we offer support services, housing assistance, guidance on healthy living, vocational training and peer support to those who are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. We are an addiction treatment center that is accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, or CARF, so you know that we provide the quality of services that you expect.


At our facility, we work with patients who need to go through detoxification and rehabilitation. We offer compassionate, professionally managed care. We offer faith-based support, case management and more, so we can help you break the cycle of addiction while staying under the roof of a single facility. While other programs may focus on admitting, treating and discharging patients, we believe it is important to admit, treat, educate and support patients, so they learn what they need to stay sober even after returning to their normal daily routines.


One of the treatments we offer is the detoxification treatment. We offer medically monitored withdrawal management, otherwise known as detox, to patients who need it in an outpatient setting. This allows you to detox safely while still having access to the care provided by a medical team. This program can be used in two ways. One is to have you come to our facility daily for treatment. Another is to provide you with a temporary housing solution in a sober-living facility, so you can receive detox treatment for up to two weeks.


Beneficially, our staff are experts at managing withdrawal symptoms, so it’s possible to get through withdrawal without relapsing. We use the most up-to-date medications to mitigate withdrawal and choose the lowest effective doses to mitigate withdrawal. We create a medication schedule specific to each patient to provide optimal relief without providing more medication than is needed. We also keep you informed and allow you to participate in the decisions about your dosages and care. We want you to be comfortable throughout the process.


We don’t make you wait for the help you need. Our program and medical staff sees you quickly, so you can get the care you need rapidly. We offer intensive treatment with medical visits every hour. We also don’t rush you to taper off your medications too quickly. We take as long as needed to keep you stable.


We are here for you. Call us at CSSL Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Services for more on addiction treatment and how we can assist you during recovery. You can reach us at 844-548-7627 or by emailing us at We look forward to helping you overcome the challenges in your life.

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