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Drug Addiction Intervention

  Do You Need Help with Drug Addiction Intervention Support? For Addiction Counseling or Addiction Group Counseling, Call CSSL Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Service

At CSSL, we can help families and friends intervene when they have someone in their life who is struggling with addiction. We’re here to help you find the programs that work best to treat addiction and to provide a long-term support service that you can rely on as you embark on this journey. Our experienced team can help by working with the addicted individual’s support system. We’ll help raise you up and effect changes in your loved one’s life through education and other services. If that’s something that you are interested in now, please call our admissions team for a confidential consultation on a drug addiction intervention.


Beyond interventions, we offer other services such as addiction group counseling and addiction counseling. We believe that it is important to get to the core reason why someone is using drugs or alcohol to cope. With individual counseling and coaching, people discuss their situation privately with a counselor. This forms a kind of alliance and bond that allows the individual to grow while having someone they trust to speak with.


During group counseling, we allow multiple people to discuss their experiences and to learn from one another. We think that hearing what others have done to help themselves and hearing about what they’ve been through can be an eye-opening experience.


These are just some of the services that we offer. We can also help those who are recovering from addiction with vocational training and job placement. We know that anyone with a criminal record, specifically, can have a hard time finding work, which can lead to substance abuse relapses. We work hard to develop the right job-seeking approaches and to get you or a loved one the training that is needed to get a job that is appropriate based on your circumstances.


We know that it’s not always easy to get someone you love into treatment. Perhaps you want to go to treatment but have no way of getting there. That’s why we offer transportation services as well. We offer these services so that those who are not stable enough to drive themselves or those who need supportive companions can have it as they come to and from their sessions with our team.


Finally, remember that we do offer MAT services. Medication-assisted treatment helps eliminate the risk of withdrawal and keeps people on track. We combine this treatment with counseling and behavior therapies, so those you love, or you, can recover most effectively.


Call us at CSSL. We are here to help and want to get you started on the path to the best life possible.

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