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CSSL Housing Support

CSSL offers support to find recovery homes to accommodate individuals who are willing to embrace and practice a healthy life of balance and commitment to the recovery process.

We have housing partners that create an environment with an experienced staff that can serve individuals with prior substance dependence and those recently released from incarceration.
We obtain many convenient co-ed, male and female sober living home environments conveniently located in the Dayton and Montgomery County Area.

We feature large homes situated in quiet neighborhoods close to shopping and public transportation as wells as apartment style facilities in the Montgomery County Area. Each facility is well maintained and radiates the warmth and ease of living expected in a family environment.

All homes feature free on-site laundry facilities and laundry detergent. 
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Our Philosophy

Here at Clean Slate Sober Living, we believe that by providing an informative, structured and supportive network for you or your loved one, true recovery is within reach. Our sober living program is focused on a new design for living for all our clients’ lives.


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