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Faith Based Recovery Programs

Almost everyone is familiar with the 12-Step Substance Abuse Prevention Program. While not supporting a particular faith or religion, it does recognize faith and spirituality as an important aspect of treatment and recovery. Participants often hear Counselors and members alike reference their “Higher Power.” The program has proven to be successful in providing support and guidance for drug and alcohol abusers. The success of the program has led many faith based inpatient treatment centers, Counseling agencies and churches to incorporate the 12-step program in their substance abuse programs.

Over 400 studies have been conducted showing that those who participate in a faith based recovery program have a higher success rate with 40 to 60 percent not returning to substance abuse. Another study found that up to 73 percent of treatment programs use some type of spiritual elements in their program. Most start with the 12-step program and add their own elements. Others create their own programs for both inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Celebrate Recovery

One of the most popular programs is Celebrate Recovery (CR). The program has state and local representatives that help with training and finding local groups for participants. Celebrate Recovery is different from most programs that concentrate only on substance addiction. The CR website states that " Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered 12-step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind."

Non 12-Step Programs

Other programs shy away from the 12-step model and create their own non 12-step program. Many of these recovery models shy away from the behavioral component of the traditional programs. Many of these groups adopt the S2L Recovery curriculum which focuses on growth principles. Some argue that the behavior modification approach is more successful in changing behavior but the non 12-step groups claim to have success in recovery.

Specific Denominations

Still other denominations and faith based communities adopt and create their own curriculum and programs. Two of the most recognized are the Mormon faith and Seventh Day Adventist denomination. Both encompass healthy living in their approaches and offer both support groups and in patient treatment. The Catholic Church is also known for their recovery models.


Whatever type of faith based program one chooses, research shows they are successful. With their concentration on reconciliation, forgiveness, grade and faith, participants learn to forgive their behavior patterns and habits and experience long term recovery.

Which program one chooses depends on their unique needs and personalities, so it is important to speak with a Counselor or Substance Abuse professional to find the right program for recovery!

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