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Recovery Support Services

Having a loved one who is struggling with addiction is not an easy challenge to maneuver because often you are uncertain about what is the most effective way to offer the best support. Substance use disorder (SUD) is a common disease that affects a person's cognitive functioning and behavior that can lead to dependency on legal and illegal drugs or prescription medications and an inability to control the use of these harmful and intoxicating substances. Many reasons can cause a person to experiment with drugs. Some people use them for recreational purposes while others use them as an escape from their destructive realities. Fortunately, we have options that are available and designed to help people who have an addiction problem such as a structured rehabilitation program, recovery services that include intervention, individual coaching sessions, and group counseling as well as family support services.

Our family support services are an essential part of the recovery process. To ensure that a person achieves their recovery goals, we place a significant focus on family support by providing sufficient family support and coaching for families of individuals that are in early recovery. We provide family support services that cater to the individual's recovery needs and those of their family. As much as our family support services can be beneficial and offer short-term solutions, we understand that there are some cases where patterns need more extensive treatment and care to be broken.

Support Services Available

Our recovery-oriented care and support services include the following.

  • Referrals to family counseling

  • Recovery coaching for family members

  • Guidance on what is healthy assistance in comparison to destructive enabling behavior

  • A 12-step guidance program

We also offer spiritual support services because we understand that for many people a relationship with a supreme being is a fundamental part of their existence. Moreover, we believe that peer support is an essential yet unprofessional and non-clinical form of assistance where individuals with similar conditions and circumstances can help each other with achieving long term recovery from drug-related issues, alcohol addiction, and other psychiatric disorders.

For a person who is struggling with substance use disorder, they need to be in an environment that influences them to make informed and healthy choices so that they can have a purpose to participate in society. A healthy, stable, and safe home environment with relations that foster support, love, and friendship enables people in recovery to have hope that they can overcome their setbacks and challenges. We understand that living with someone who has an addiction is not easy and at times family can unintentionally and unknowingly fuel the fire and create stumbling blocks towards effective recovery by enabling negative behavior and at times rewarding this negative behavior. If you are looking for ways to offer support to your loved one who is in early recovery, at Clean Slate Sober Living there are effective and reliable support services that can help you support them while ensuring that they achieve their recovery goals.

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