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Recovery Supportive Housing

  Do You Want to Try Sober Living? Our Sober Living Home Is Recovery Supportive Housing for Recovered Patients

At CSSL, we are focused on providing you with the recovery support that you need as you recover from addiction. We offer recovery programs including recovery support, family support services, spiritual support services, and peer support services. We offer intervention services, individual counseling and coaching, group counseling, vocational training, job placement, MAT services and more.


We want you to know that we are here to look out for your best interests. We know that it’s not always easy to beat addiction, which is why we focus so much on support through long-term aftercare services. Recovery supportive housing is just one thing that can help you on the path to a full recovery and life without addiction. A sober living home has people living together who are committed to a sober lifestyle. They can check on one another and focus on sober living techniques to help each other even when things seem tough.


We work with individuals on many aspects of their lives, so they have the support systems that they need to stay sober. During our 12-month program, we set up certified peer recovery support specialists with our clients. They will work with you to coach you, help with case management and so much more. They are trained to help you throughout the process of recovery and know what the beginning stages of relapse look like. We’ll be there to help you if a relapse is on the horizon, so we can get you back on track before that ever happens.


Our program is 12 months long and broken into four segments. The first three months are all about the introduction to sober living. During the next three months, we focus on learning about the transition from addiction treatment to sober living. After that, we focus on stabilization and making sure you have a personal development plan in place to keep you on track. Finally, we work on acclimation, helping you set attainable goals and teaching you more about living sober in the future.


Our program can help you get your life back. We work hard to help you rebuild trust with family members and friends. We want you to have a community of individuals who are there to help you and to support you through the challenges in your life. We also want you to learn more about accountability and how to understand your personal role in this situation.


We’re here to help and guide you through every step of your sober living experience. Call us today at 844-548-7627 to find out more about our facility and why you should choose to work with our team.

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