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High Accountability Housing

Traditional SL


Responsible Sober


Clients leaving treatment or people with an extensive relapse history often have trouble adjusting to the lack of structure and discipline in their early recovery. High Accountability Housing was created to bridge the gap between treatment and independent living. Residents gradually earn privileges in this highly structured environment. Daily groups, from morning prayer & meditation, process groups, house meetings, and daily evening review, provide the necessary structure to help residents acclimate to their new environment. Residents are required to participate in 12-step meetings, service work, while also working part time to begin contributing to their lives again. Regular drug/alcohol testing and strong oversight provide a safety net to the perils of early recovery.

Benefits of High Accountability Housing

  • Highly structured environment

  • Best for immediate transition from inpatient care

  • Strong community support

  • Immersion in recovery culture

  • Development of strong habits to foster long-term recovery

Our traditional sober living allows a greater level of freedom while still providing the safety and accountability of sober living. Residents are required to work or go to school, while also being held accountable to keeping regular commitments towards their program of recovery. Bi-weekly drug/alcohol testing ensure a safe environment, while weekly house meetings allow residents to address conflict and discuss personal issues that can arise in early recovery.

Benefits of Traditional Sober Living

  • Balance of structure and independence

  • Ability to work or attend school, while keeping focus on recovery

  • Community driven atmosphere fosters a culture conducive to recovery

  • Oversight on meeting attendance, sponsor engagement, and other recovery related activities

  • Regular drug/alcohol testing

  • Great as a next step from high accountability sober living or in some cases from inpatient

This type of housing is geared toward the client who is stable in their recovery and desiring a more independent environment, Responsible sober living provides oversight and accountability while fostering independence. 

Benefits of Responsible Sober Housing

  • Independent living within a sober community

  • Regular drug and alcohol testing

  • Community driven atmosphere creates a culture that promotes recovery

  • More freedom, independence, and comfort than traditional sober living

  • Learn to live responsibly while still enjoying the benefits of a recovery community.

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