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Substance Abuse Intervention

  Substance Abuse Intervention On the Table? At CSSL, We Help With Intervention Services

Intervention services are sometimes necessary when someone you love is struggling with substance abuse. They may not see how much they’re affecting the people they love with their actions, but with the right substance abuse intervention team to help you, you can make it clear to them and help them get on the track to recovery.


It is our goal to provide families and individuals with the support they need during an individual’s recovery from substance abuse. We offer intervention services, treatment placement and detox coordination. Our team will work with you, your addicted loved one’s support system, to help get them into a program and effect the changes that need to take place to get them sober.


If you want to learn more about interventions and how they can help address your loved one’s addiction, you should call us today at CSSL. We are here to help people with addiction issues recover and have the long-term care support that they need. We know that sober living is possible for all people, so long as they have the right support team and the education, knowledge and medical support that they need.


To learn more about our facilities in Dayton and other areas of Ohio, call us today at 844-548-7627. We want to be there as the first line of defense against relapse and long-term addiction. We know that it can be scary to consider an intervention for someone you love, but we will walk you through everything you need to know and do to get started. You can call us to speak confidently on the matter, so you can learn more before making decisions on how to help your loved one.

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